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Home Maintenance
- Fall weather tips

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Sponsored by City of Austin Planning/Zoning Department and Austin Public Library.


Inspect smoke & carbon monoxide detectors

Test detectors monthly. Replace batteries at least once a year.

Homeowners in the city of Austin and the townships of Austin and Lansing are eligible for a free smoke/CO alarm.  Contact the fire department to have one installed.  The Red Cross may be able to assist those outside of the AFD service area.


Place a smoke alarm in each bedroom, outside sleeping areas and on each level of the home.  CO detectors should be placed within 10 feet of sleeping areas.


Smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years.  Stand alone CO detector have a life span of 5-7 years.

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Check fire extinguishers

Check extinguisher for visible signs of damage or missing pieces, which may mean it's time for replacement. Extinguishers should be replaced every 10-12 years and may need to be recharged after 6 year.

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Check furnance filter

Check and change your furnance filter avery 3 months. Some filters will require frequent replacing depending on manufacturer recommendations.

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Inspect furnace exterior intake & exhaust pipe

Check for blockages and debris in or around these pipes. Shrubs, trees, snow or other items close to these pipes may cause problems. 

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Check dryer vent cap, vent line & exhaust pipe

Check dryer vent cap, exhaust pipe on the back of the dryer and the vent line for buildup of lint and other debris hindering the air flow.  This is a potential fire risk.

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Turn off exterior water spigots

Turn off water supply to both regular and frost-free exterior water spigots and drain the water. It is recommended for you to remove garden hoses also

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Clean gutters & down spouts

Remove larger debris and flush the remaining sediment out of the gutters and down spouts. This will help prevent blockages and repairs.

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Seal doors & windows

Seal any openings to save on heating cost and keep the elements out.

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Seal cracks in foundations, walkways and driveways

Foundation cracks may allow water inside your basement. Cracks that allow in water will freeze and expand, without seeling cracks will only get worse.

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Inspect your roof

Check on overall signs of aging or storm damage to your roof. A licensed and certified roofing professional may be needed

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