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The 2020 book selection is

Never Coming Back:  A Novel by Alison McGhee

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Postponed until 2021...Stay tuned! 

Austin Page Turners is rescheduling this year's City-wide Book Read.  Alison McGhee was scheduled to visit Austin on May 14 and she has agreed to come sometime in the spring of 2021.  Her book Never Coming Back was chosen for this year's project.  Since she will be coming later, you will also have time to read her latest book, The Opposite of Fate.


In addition to her evening lecture, Alison will be speaking to a couple of classes at Austin High School and they are reading her book, What I Leave Behind.  It is a unique book because it is a fascinating story written in 100 chapters each containing 100 words.


Now, after you have finished these three books, since many of you have more free time these days, you could check out one of the other 18 books and authors that were presented by Page Turners since 2002.  The author in the picture is P.S. Duffy and she came in 2014 and talked about her book The Cartographer of No Man's Land.  It is an intriguing book about a young man who thought he was going to Europe during the war to be a cartographer and he ended up in the trenches of eastern France.


You could also check out The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien.  Tim was born in Austin and lived here as a young boy.  He is considered one of the best writers about the Vietnam War era and he returned to Austin to talk about his book in 2003.  And after reading this, a good laugh may be the way to go and you could choose one of Lorna Landvik's books.  She was our chosen author in 2007 and is the only one where we featured all of her books and people could choose which ones they wanted to read.  She was a most entertaining speaker because she is also a comic and actor.


For a full listing of all the books and authors that we have featured, you can go to:


Enjoy reading several of these excellent Minnesota authors and we look forward to seeing you at our 19th City-wide Book Read in the spring of 2021!


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